Choosing Glass means a step towards securing a sustainable future

Post date: 23-12-2020 Author: HNG

Glass enables modern consumer to embrace an endlessly sustainable ecosystem that is beneficial across many factors

Are you a modern, informed, evolved and smart consumer who indulges in thorough research before buying any white good or planning a holiday? If yes, here’s all the reason why you should extend that habit to something that probably impacts your own life. Growing consumerism has led to a rise of a group of consumers who are known for their smart and informed choices. There has been a specific emphasis on consuming products that are probably energy efficient, organic in nature or recyclable.

However despite the growth of such a group of consumers, it is damaging to note that in India almost 20 Metric Tons of plastic products are used up annually and it is noted that on an average an individual Indian consumer alone generates 11 Kgs of plastic annually just in the form of single use packaging. This has a major detrimental impact on the environment as plastic is never recyclable and causes phenomenal damage all around.

Despite the best efforts from a certain group of consumers to choose smartly and use energy efficient products, there needs to be added incentives and reasons to go a step further and cut down all form of plastic usage from their daily life. One of the major alternatives for plastic can be in the form of glass.

Adopting Glass which has unique features and are much more efficient for the environment here are top three reasons why a Modern consumer should adopt glass –

  • 1)100 % natural – Glass is actually made out of 100% natural raw materials such as Glass cullets, raw sand, graphite limestones among many other, these are materials which are found naturally and therefore its made from earth and does not involve any artificial substances that can be harmful.
  • Endlessly recyclable – Glass boats of a unique characteristic, that it is endlessly recyclable. The reason being, even if the glass container or bottle is broken or damaged, the micro particles, broken glass pieces etc. are further turned into glass culets which can further be used to produce glass bottles once again.
  • Glass means healthy – Glass containers or bottles which are made out of 100% natural substances are absolutely healthy in the long run. There are less chances of contamination, chemical reaction and addition of impurities. Thus, glass remains the healthiest choice to store food, water, beverages among many other.