How Hindusthan National Glass is embodying the values of going #Vocal4Local

Post date: 23-12-2020 Author: Team HNG

HNG India is living by the true values of empowering local economy

Established in the year 1946 with modest beginnings in Rishra, West Bengal, visionary entrepreneur Mr C.K Somany paved way for Hindusthan National Glass to truly emerge as India’s leading Glass Container manufacturer. As of today, HNG India has a daily capacity to produce almost 4500 tons of glass containers per day across its 7 different production units which are spread across India.

At core of HNG India’s growth as India’s largest glass container manufacturer has been the value of enriching local level sustainable development along the way. Here’s how over the years HNG India has supported local economy and embodied #Vocal4Local

  • Sourcing Local Goods – All of HNG’s plants across India are strategically located in such a manner that they are nearer to the sources of raw materials and are nearer to ports or harbours that helps in ease of supply. Since HNG sources all its raw materials from nearby sources, it helps in a big way to boost local cultivators, work forces and communities who are involved in the process of gathering the materials such as sand, graphite, limestone etc.
  • Creating Jobs – HNG India today employs over xxxx no of people across India directly. Adding to that there are almost another two times the number of people indirectly involved in the form of functions like supply chain, transportation, unskilled labour force and other such ancillary functions. Since most of the jobs are at the source which are the production units, there has always been an effort to empower local and regional talent.
  • 3)Making in India – HNG India truly lives by the messaging of Make in India. The robust production facilities have an ability to create products which are of international standards. Today HNG india supplies its products to over 23 different countries outside India. All these products are produced entirely in India, locally which are then sent abroad for consumption.
HNG India on its 5 decades journey so far have truly embraced the idea of going Local4Vocal and continues to empower and impact local communities through its continuous efforts.